6DBIM® Information Manager

We believe that mandated BIM Level 2 can be adopted by entire construction industry but with its challenges it is required to use tools which are able to streamline processes and bring efficiencies in all areas.


Using our experience in delivering BIM Level 2 and similarly demanding projects we have created a smart Asset Information Management system which forms a link between Asset Information Model, Construction Site Data and Client’s CAFM system.


It is meant to automate population of Types and Components in COBie with Supply Chain Information. It can significantly reduce the errors in data collection as main people who are responsible for filling the information are Manufacturers themselves.


The system not only allows easy transfer of parameter from products to its project instances but also allows to link all the required documentation including As-Installed information. Now we are also supporting Spares, Resources and Jobs on a COBie spreadsheet. This including optional Systems, Impact, Documents tabs makes Information Manager a unique offering on the market.


You do not have to update model with complicated geometry families and you do not have to spend fortune on modelling them. Finally why put a strain on costly IT hardware if you can use just parameters and manuals stored in cloud and linked to your model?


Four accounts on the system guarantee high quality data and speed of delivery. Manufacturer adds products with parameters and manuals. Main Contractor uploads list of assets with locations and chosen Subcontractors select the products and complete As-Installed info. Now you can also transfer your project to the Client account creating with all the benefits CDE for the Digital Data. Using our system will give you peace of mind as you keep the benefit of your internal quality control rather than relying on third-party company.

You have an option to divide your operations into enterprise, add projects and manage users.

Next step is adding IFCs from the consultants or Federated COBie spreadsheet.

This is where our system will process the information and populate the database with locations, assets into respectable Work Packages. You will also be provided with full audit reports to check the progress of your data.

Locations are extracted from your data - dedicated QR codes to the rooms are created automatically!

In the order tab see the list of assets – it can also be viewed via IFC Model

Here you can also specify cut off date for Subcontractor and its Originator Reference which then will be used to automatically name the files. If you want you can also assist them in adding product against instances.

Assets are available to view as a list with search engine or as locations with all listings.

We also provide you with comprehensive IFC import and Excel export functionality.

Simply drop IFC to get project populated with information. We will also provide you with an audit report.

We also offer state of the art validation of COBie parameters and export of the entire project:



Promote your product for FREE

Become BIM capable without spending fortune on models.

Add parameters and manuals to ensure high quality installation and easier connection with end client.

User friendly interface.

Use batch excel upload for multiple products.

Add your Instructions, Manuals, Certificates etc.

Add your products to related category.

Populate COBie parameters (information about warranty, size etc.)

Add your product related Impacts, Resources and Jobs.


Have you ever been asked to complete Asset Registers/PDTs and name O&Ms to standard? Use for FREE our Information Manager and save time and money!

User friendly interface.

Open your project and see documentation and list of Assets

View item location in built-in viewer and select product.

Specify Installation Date

Complete Warranty Information and Spares if required.



Brand new functionality!

Competitive prices and state of the art quick access to the project documentation.

Unlimited data drops and option to do job refurbishments.

User friendly interface.

Access quickly your O&M Manuals!

View models within your browser.

Provide feedback and commentary on installed products.

Automatically generate QR codes


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