6DBIM® Information Manager

We believe that mandated BIM Level 2 can be adopted by entire construction industry but with its challenges it is required to use tools which are able to streamline processes and bring efficiencies in all areas.


Using our experience in delivering BIM Level 2 and similarly demanding projects we have created a smart Asset Information Management system which forms a link between Asset Information Model, Construction Site Data and Client’s CAFM system.


It is meant to automate population of Types and Components in COBie with Supply Chain Information. It can significantly reduce the errors in data collection as main people who are responsible for filling the information are Manufacturers themselves.


The system not only allows easy transfer of parameter from products to its project instances but also allows to link all the required documentation including As-Installed information. Now we are also supporting Spares, Resources and Jobs on a COBie spreadsheet. This including optional Systems, Impact, Documents tabs makes Information Manager a unique offering on the market.


You do not have to update model with complicated geometry families and you do not have to spend fortune on modelling them. Finally why put a strain on costly IT hardware if you can use just parameters and manuals stored in cloud and linked to your model?